Health Kitchen by BB believes yummy desserts CAN BE Seriously Healthy and fit your choice of a suitable lifestyle! 

Our aim is to make Desserts part of a healthy lifestyle that can be enjoyed without ANY GUILT as well as provide nutrition to combat inflammation. 

Chronic inflammation, which is medically proven beyond doubt to be the root cause of all major diseases is a lifestyle disorder. 

In our kitchen, we make Seriously, Healthy, Desserts. that are 'gut-friendly, 'gluten-free' , 'sugar-free', 'refined oil-free' and 'proudly preservative-free'.

"As the founder of HKBBB, my motivation is to see the look of 'disbelief & shock' when visitors sample our desserts. Disbelief because of the yumminess and shock that what they’ve just eaten is sugar, gluten, refined oil & preservative-free."


Barkha Peshawaria



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