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Your Favorite destination for Healthy, Guilt-Free Desserts has a new name.

 Same old values but a whole new avatar!

Health Kitchen by BB is now....



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No Sugar 

We are a 100% sugar-free brand. Our bread doesn’t feed on sugar; our colors don’t contain sugar; the garnish & decor aren’t made with sugar. 
everything you imagine and know can only be done with using sugar, WE do it otherwise.

Gluten Free

We love your gut! Everything we bake is to feed your soul and fuel your microbiome. All our products are made without Gluten that builds your immunity without ever feeling regret when you indulge!

Refined Oil free

The most underrated ingredient in the health food industry is oil. We dive deep even into the type of oil that goes into the oven and its nature after its exposure to heat. Anything refined gets banned and stays out of our premises


Our team thrives on awareness and wants the same for you. Ask us about our ingredients and we shall never hesitate. 
Start questioning food and you’ll have answers that will make food manufacturers behave.

Here's what our consumers have to say:

Madhur Daga,


I’ve been a customer for more than a year & have ordered all my strict Keto desserts from them. What I love is that Health Kitchen By BB takes takes their Seriously.Healthy.Desserts tag line very seriously. No sugar. No flour. No preservatives. The ingredients they use are pure and macros transparent and spot on. I highly recommend you give this place a shot - your mind and gut will thank you. Happy wellness to you 😊

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Sarah Turner,


Ordered their Healthy guilt - free, keto brownie and they were to die for. Every bite had goodness of rich Healthy ingredients without the Guilt of eating sugar and gluten. They are really transparent about what they put in their product

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Krittika Khanna,


Ordered a walnut dark chocolate fit cake for my brother! It was not only healthy (obviously!) but also unexpectedly delicious! Will be ordering and trying more goodies now and updating the review soon.